Practice Areas

During the course of his career, Steve represented businesses in litigating major antitrust, RICO, securities, professional negligence, intellectual property and contract actions.  For individuals, Steve has been their advocate in employment, property and family matters.  In all cases, we recognize that you want your matter resolved quickly and efficiently.  
Business Disputes


Lawsuits seem to be an inevitable cost of doing business.  Our careful approach to business disputes strives to keep legal under control to minimize cost and disruption.  We have successfully employed this strategy in prosecuting cases involving contract disputes. Knowing the costs and risks of litigation, when it is appropriate, we will help you resolve your business matter before it goes to court.  


Healthcare Law


Steve is well informed on and highly experienced with healthcare delivery issues.  His career parallels the establishment of managed care concepts, the consolidation of the healthcare delivery system, the expansion of healthcare regulation, and the increased importance of healthcare financing.   We are able to help answer difficult questions and provide pathways to resolving disputes in this arena.

Antitrust and Trade Regulation

We believe that--even in heavily regulated industries--the law mandates a free and open competitive market.   We draw on a wealth of experience in analyzing and assessing potential anti-competitive conduct.   Whether this anti-competitive conduct takes the form of a merger, exclusionary practice, or other forms of unfair competition, such as trademark or copyright infringement, we can competently advise you with respect to your rights, remedies and obligations under the law.  This is a special interest for the firm.  Even before Steve became an attorney, he was very involved in the antitrust aspects of mergers and acquisitions, and assisted in the formation of numerous healthcare systems.

Personal Matters

We want to be your trusted legal advisors, and all of your legal matters are important to us.  We have worked with clients to resolve matters that range from guardianships to property claims.  We strive to bring the same level of care and concern to personal legal issues that we bring to business issues.  As always, we are able to consult with other professional to bring the necessary expertise to any matter.  

Professional Negligence

Professionals are required to adhere to a standard of conduct.  Sometimes, they simply make a mistake.  For example, accountants may fail to properly advise their clients on tax matters, business attorneys may provide their clients with advice that is not in their best interests, or trial lawyers may break the rules. We have seen clients suffer significant financial harm from their advisors negligence.  In situations like these, the client should not bear the burden for these mistakes.  We have been successful in helping injured parties recover  losses due to professional negligence.


Employment Law


We have years of experience representing employers and employees in employment disputes. Whether your matter involves wage and hour issues, non–compete or non–disclosure clauses, or questions about other duties owed in the employer employee relationship, we can assist you.  If, as is often the case, your issue requires immediate court action, we are able to efficiently and effectively seek or oppose emergency relief.


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